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Interstate love song Ukulele tab

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Interstate love song

Tono:  C#m
	  Introducao: C#m, E, A9, G#, A9, E( D, C#m, B, A, G#, A, B, E, E4)  
Primeiro verso corrigido, apenas repita-o. A 1ª e a 6ª cordas sempre mudas. 
C#m          Cm#5  
Waiting on a Sunday   
afternoon for what I read   
            A#°          A9   E, F#m4/7, E  
between the lines Your lies  
C#m            C(#5)  
Feeling like a hand in rusted shame  
   E6/B                    A#m7(b5)  
So do you laugh or does it cry?  
A9   E, F#m4/7, E  
C#m           E  
Leavin' on a southern train  
      A9            G#  
Only yesterday you lied  
A9                 E  
Promises of what I seemed   
to be only watched the time  
go by   
A9                      E             
All of these things you said to me  
INTRO 2x  
C#m              C(#5)  
Breathing is the hardest thing to do.  
      E6/B                        A#m5-  
With all I've said and all that's dead for you  
    A9 E  A9      E, F#m4/7, E  
You lied-Goodbye.  
C#m           E  
Leavin' on a southern train  
      A              G#  
only yesterday, you lied  
A                   E  
Promises of what I seemed  
to be only watched the time   
go by   
A                     E  
all of these things I said  
to you  

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