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Never let go Ukulele tab



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Never let go

Tono:  Bb
{Intro:} Bb F6/A Gm D# F Bb 
Bb   F6/A Gm       D#       F        Bb 
Just lay down and let your worries sleep 
       F6/A  Gm      D#       F        Bb 
Don't think now the water is dark and deep 
	     D#         F       	       Gm F6/A Bb 
'Cause you know that I love you and never let go 
   	  D#            F 
And you know that I'll love you forever 
      Gm         F6/A        Bb 
I'll love you and never let go 
          Gm         F6/A        Bb 
Yes I'll love you and never let go 
Just cry out yeah! I've cried those tears before 
I can feel it now as your teardrops hit the floor 
You don't have to ask me do I love you 
As I hold you it shows how much I do 
     Gm                 Bb    C7 
I'm yours until forever is through 
Anytime I stand for you 
I know I'd lay my life down for you 
I'll never let not ever let go 
Contribuição: Sidney Ferreira([email protected]) 

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