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Never Let Go Ukulele tab




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Never Let Go

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Intro: Em e:------9--------7--------5--------7--------5-----| B:---------0--------0--------0--------0--------0--| G:------------0--------0--------0--------0--------| D:------------------------------------------------| A:------------------------------------------------| E:0-----------------------------------------------| Am7 e:------------------------------------------------| B:------0-----------------------------------------| G:---------------2--------0--------2--------------| D:---------2--------2--------2-----------2--------| A:3-----------3--------3--------3-----------3-----| E:------------------------------------------------| Bm7 e:------------------------------------------------| B:------------------------------------------------| G:------2--------0-----------------0--------------| D:---------0--------0-----4--------------4--------| A:2-----------2--------2-----2--2-----------2-----| E:------------------------------------------------| C e:------------------------------------------------| B:------------------------------------------------| G:------2--------0--------4--------0--0--2--------| D:---------0--------0--------0--------------0--2--| A:3-----------3--------3--------3-----------------| E:------------------------------------------------| repeat intro 4 times, on the last two add the chords above (originally on keyboard) Am7 e:0-----------------------------------------------| B:------0-----------------------------------------| G:------------5-----------------------------------| D:------------------5-----------------------------| A:------------------------------------------------| E:------------------------------------------------| Bm7 e:2-----------------------------------------------| B:------0-----------------------------------------| G:------------4-----------------------------------| D:------------------4-----------------------------| A:------------------------------------------------| E:------------------------------------------------|
repeat one more times before singing starts. Play this guitar 'line' through the same chords on the song. Am7 Bm7 Crazy creatures of our doom Am7 Bm7 Telling us there is no room. Am7 Bm7 Not enough for all mankind Am7 Bm7 And the seas of time are running dry. C Bm Don't they know it's a lie... Em Am7 Man is born with the will to survive, Bm7 C He'll not take no for an answer. Em Am7 He will get by, somehow he'll try, Bm7 C Em He won't take no, never let go, no... repeat twice the Am7 - Bm7 section and then: I hear them talk about Kingdom Come, I hear them discuss Armageddon... They say the hour is getting late, But I can still hear someone say, This is not the way... Man is born with the will to survive, He'll not take no for an answer. He will get by, somehow he'll try, He won't take no, never let go, no... Organ solos (originally a melotron "flute" sound): Em | Bm7 | Em | Bm7 Em | Dm7 | Em | Dm7 Em | Dm7 | Em | Dm7 Em | Dm7 | Em | Dm7 Em | Dm7 | Em | Dm7 Em | Dm7 | Em | Dm7 Em | Dm7 | Em | Dm7 Em | Dm7 | Em | Dm7 Em | Dm7 | Em | Dm7 Em | Dm7 | Em | Dm7 Em | Dm7 | Em | Dm7 C | Bm7 | Em | Em | Em Repeat intro, then play Chorus again, repeat Chorus chords till fade, adding guitar solo.
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