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What If Ukulele tab


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What If

Tono:  Eb
	  Elow po ulit!!!! Pcnxa n po at hnd q nai-regster ung ack q bgo q pnsa ung isang version  
Anyways, here's another version of "What If" by Babyface 

Pkicheck n lng po i2. 

{intro:} Eb-Bb-Cm-G# 

{Verse 1:} 
             Eb        Bb 
I ran into a friend of yours the other day 
      Cm       G# 
And I asked her how you've been 
             Cm          G# 
She said my girl is fine; just bought a house 
       Cm        Bb 
got a job, real good man 
                Eb         Bb 
I told her I was glad for you; that's wonderful 
             Cm       G# 
But does she ever ask `bout me? 
              Cm        G# 
She said she's happy with her life right now 
         Cm     Bb 
Let her go, let her be 

{Pre-Chorus 1:} 
      G                                        Cm          G 
And I told myself I would, but something in my heart just would not let you 
I just wanna know 

Eb Bb What if we were wrong about each other? Cm G# What if you were really made for me? Cm G# What if we was `sposed to be together? Cm Bb Would that not mean anything? Eb Bb Cm G# What if that was `sposed to be my house that you go home to every day? Cm G# How can you be sure that things are better? Cm G G#-G If you can't be sure your heart is still here with me Cm G Still wanting me
{Verse 2: do Verse 1 chords} Your friend asked me if there was someone special in my life that I was seeing I told her there was no one in particular There's just I, myself, and me I told her that I dream of you quite often She just cut her eyes at me She said you got a home, you're very happy So just stop your meddling {Pre-Chorus 2: do Pre-chorus 1 chords} I told her that I won't I said things were cool, but I guess I was wrong I still can't move on {Repeat Chorus} Cm Now that could be my car G That could be my house Cm Bb That could be my baby boy that you're nursing Cm G That could be the trash that I always take out Cm Bb That could be the chair that I love to chill in Cm G That could be my food on the table at the end of the day Cm Bb Hugs and the kisses, all the love we make Cm G# What the hell do you expect me to say? Cm G# What if it's really `sposed to be this way? Cm Bb What if you're really `sposed to be with me? {Chorus 2x then fade-out, move chords one step higher } Don't forget to rate and comment on my tab(s) 4 improvement on my part n rin Peace out guyz!!!!!!
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