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What if Ukulele tab

Lisa Miskowsky

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What if

Tono:  G
	  verse 1: 
G                                   C 
You've spent too many years  
Am                                 C 
Walking along spending time 
Like I spend money bear 
G                         C 
I used to be that way 
Expecting too much I guess 
Two days and get me out of this mess 

So come on now 
Lets catch an aeroplane, Fly 
Don't be afraid and trouble will stay on out of sight 
Am What if the plane crashed down C What if the sky grows to dark Em C Would you ever see the spark? Am What if the wind's too strong? C What if the pilot does something wrong?
verse 2: Broke once, now i'm sore I'd rather stay outside and have fun While you're opening doors I used to be that way Expected too much I guess Two days and get me out of this mess Bridge Refr... Stick: D E/D ..Wro-o-o-ong G/D You're so afraid D You're so afraid, my baby E/D and Lo-o-o-ove G/D I will be there D I will be the-e-ere Refr end with G
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