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My Old Man Teclado

John Denver



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My Old Man

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Intro: D Bm A D  
           F#m   Bm            A 
My old man had a rounder's soul 
He'd hear an old freight train 
Then he'd have to go 
                       F#m    Bm        A 
Said he'd been blessed with a gypsy bone 
That's the reason they guessed 
He'd been cursed to roam 
               F#m  Bm            A  
Came into town back before the war 
Didn't even know what it was 
He was looking for 
                    F#m    Bm        A  
Carried a tattered bag for his violin 
It was full of lots of songs 
Of places that he'd been 
                   F#m  Bm                A  
He talked real eeaassy, had a smiling way 
To pass along to you 
When his fiddle played 
              F#m        Bm             A  
Making people drop their cares and woes 
To hum out loud those tunes 
That his fiddle howled 
                  F#m  Bm                      A  
Till the people there began to join that sound 
And everyone in town was laughing 
Singing, dancing round 
Like the fiddler's tune 
    Bm                        A  
Was all they heard that night 
As if some dream said 
"All the world is right" 
               F#m           Bm            A 
His fiddler's eye caught one beauty there 
She had that rollin', flowin' 
Golden kind of hair 
                  F#m     Bm              A  
He played for her as if she danced alone 
Played his favorite songs 
Ones he called his own 
                  F#m       Bm          A  
He played until she was the last to go 
Stopped and packed his case 
And said he'd take her home 

F#m  Bm         
A    D  

                      F#m     Bm            A  
All the nights that passed a child was born 
All the years that passed 
That love would keep them warm 
                         F#m     Bm            A  
All their lives they'd share a dream come true 
All because she danced 
While his fiddle tuned 
           F#m   Bm             A  
My old man had a rounder's soul 
He'd hear an old freight train 
Then he'd have to go 
               F#m     Bm                   A  
All that I recall said when I was so young 
There's no one else could really 
Sing those songs he sung 

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