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My Old Man Teclado

Jack Ingram

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My Old Man

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	  C      C/B           F 
My old man, he had a ramblin' soul 
G                              C      
He'd hear an old freight train and he had to roll 
C              C/B            F 
Said he'd been blessed with a gypsy bone 
G                        C        
That's the reason I guess he'd been cursed to roam 
He came to town back before the war 
He didn't even know that it was he was looking for 
He carried a tattered bag for his violin 
It was full of songs from places he had been 
He talked real easy, had a smilin' way 
He could pass it on to you while his fiddle played 
He was makin' people drop their cares and woes 
They'd hum out loud to tunes that his fiddled bowed 
The people there began to join that sound 
Everyone in town was laughin', singin', dancin' round 
Like the fiddler's tunes were all they heard that night 
As if some dream had said all in the world was right 
His eye caught a dancing lady there 
She had that rollin', flowin', golden, danglin' kind of hair 
He played for her as if she danced alone 
He played his favorite songs, the ones he called his own 
She alone was dancing in the room 
The only thing left moving to his fiddler's tune 
He played until she was the last to go 
He stopped and packed his case and said he'd take her home 
In all the nights that passed, a child was born 
And all the years that passed, love would keep them warm 
All their lives they've shared a dream come true 
All because she danced so well to his fiddler's tune 
But the train next morning, she blew a lonesome sound 
As if she sang the blues of what she took from town 
All that I recall he said when I was young 
Was no one else could really sing the songs he sung 

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