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(Martin Smith and Stuart Garrard)

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	  VERSE 1: 
A                  D  
Its a beautiful day and the world is bright  
A                     D 
cause You took me away from the longest night 
Bm               D                   A 
What can I do but give all I have to You? 
A                  D 
Its a beautiful day and the page has turn 
A              D 
deep in my soul now Your fire burns 
Bm            D                        A 
What can I do? I'll give it all up for You- 
A F#m You give me everything E Give me hope within D E A You're the song I sing F#m You give me everything E Give me hope to win D E A You're the song I sing
VERSE 3: A D It's a beautiful day and we're running proud A D And we'll run to the line Hear the witness cloud Bm D F#m I know it's true, We're gonna fly, we're gonna dance E A On that glorious day with You!

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