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	  Am      D9/6            E         D9/6 
It's been nine days, 8 hours, 40 minutes 
E    Am         D9/6      E 
ten seconds, since you called 
        Am    D9/6      E          D9/6   E 
I've been so crazy I'm just about taking our 
Am       D9/6     E 
pictures off the wall 
Verse 2: 
        Am        D9/6           E      D9/6 
It's been three months, over a hundred days 
E       Am D9/6    E 
since you held my hand 
    Am  D9/6            E     D9/6 
And I miss you in a thousand ways 
E     Am    D9/6     E 
Will I ever see you again 
C            Dsus9/4     C 
How did you change so fast 
             Dsus9/4        C 
I won't give you to the past 
I really thought it'd last 
E   F#msus4 G#m5+ Am         D9/6 E 
All that     we   had was so unbelievable 
E   F#msus4 G#m5+  Am            D9/6  E 
Now that     it's gone it's just inconceivable 
E     F#msus4 G#m5+  Am            D9/6     E 
Still in      my    dreams you are so  damn beutiful 
How could it be that you ruined my 
C#m7        Bsus4       Am    Am9/7 
everything, everything, everything 
Verse 3 as same verse 1 


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