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Wanna be Loved Teclado

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Wanna be Loved

Áño: 1998 - Álbum: Supernatural

Tuning: Standard 
E A D G B E 
E B C#m A F# A 
Verse 1: 
E                   D 
A rainy Monday afternoon 
There's a funk over the city 
Everybody's movin' to a different tune 
E                            D 
Some are weak and some are strong 
And some are sittin' pretty 
And there's others who are barely hanging on 
C#m      A        B 
It's no easy situation 
C#m      A                B 
People living in their separate worlds 
 C#m          A               B 
But one thing we all got in common is 
                  E             B 
We all wanna be loved, loved, loved 
                    C#m     A 
We all want just a little respect 
                 F#  A 
We all wanna be loved 
Tell me what's wrong with that 
Verse 2: 
E                           D 
I've never heard a dying soul 
Wish that he had taken 
More time on his portfolio 
E                        D 
I've never heard a mama say 
Should've never had that baby 
As a doctor holds her newborn on display 
C#m         A           B 
It's the heavenly prescription 
C#m      A               B 
A little bit will go a long, long way 
C#m         A                 B 
Just put Yourself in their position 
(repeat chorus) 
C#m        A                 B 
Faith and hope are worth a mention 
C#m           A             B 
But love is holding it's position 
Chorus 2: 
C#                F#             C# 
We all wanna be loved, loved, loved 
                      Ebm          B 
Nothings wrong with little respect 
                   Ab B 
We all wanna be loved 
Tell me what's wrong with that 
(repeat chorus 2) 
Contribuição: Jó Yen([email protected]) 


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