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You and I

Áño: 1976 - Álbum: Crown Jewels: A 25TH Anniversary Celebration


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	  D                        A 
Music is playing in the darkness 
       Bm                    G   4xx434 
And a lantern goes swinging by 
  D                A 
Shadows flickering My heart's jittering 
G   D/F# Em  D 
Just you and I 
Not tonight Come tomorrow 
D                                 D7 
When everything's sunny and bright 
No No No Come tomorrow 
E                                 A   
Cos then we'll be waiting for the moonlight  
          xx5433 xx4232 xx3231 E 
We'll go walking in the moonlight 
 C      G/B    Gm/Bb     A 
Walking in the moonlight 
Laughter ringing in the darkness 
People drinking for days gone by 
Time don't mean a thing 
When you're by my side 
Please stay a while 
 F#                                 Bm 
You know I never could foresee the future years 
You know I never could see where life was leading me 
 D                          A   F#/Bb (or just simple F#) 
But will we be together for ever 
          Bm                    E                A         A7 
What will be my love, can't you see that I just don't know  
No no not tonight Come tomorrow 
When everything's gonna be alright 
Wait and see If tomorrow 
We'll be as happy as we're feeling tonight  
We'll go walking in the moonlight 
Walking in the moonlight 
I can hear the music in the darkness 
Floating softly to where to lie 
No more questions now 
Let's enjoy tonight 
Just you and I 
Just you and I 


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