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You And I Acordes

Gene Clark

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You And I

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	  F C F C F C 
       F       C       F     
I will see you now and then 
      F         C       Bb 
And I know it's really right 
   F        C     Am               Bb              C 
To continue to be friends with our feelings out of sight 
           F        Fmaj7  Bb 
Though the pictures very   clear 
         C               F    
It's not nearly black or white 
          F      C      F       C       F C F C 
'Cause it really has to do with you and I 
F     C       Bb      F   Bb           C       Am 
Every time we meet we are drawn closer to each other 
     F        C     F        C        F    C F C 
With someone else's name you must  do right 
Am               Bb 
It's a twist of fate 
           Bbm              F 
There is a new love to discover 
  F         C        F       C        F  C  F C 
I know, you know,  I long to hold you tight 
         F     C         F   
We could talk about the past 
           F    C     Bb 
Knowing it will never change 
F                 C       Am 
Or just make this moment last 
         Bb                C 
Till the clouds run out of rain 
      F        Fmaj7    Bb 
I can feel you with me  now 
    C              F  
And now is all the time 
          F      C      F       C       F 
'Cause it really has to do with you and I 


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