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Sweet Misery Acordes

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Sweet Misery

	  Intro:   C   G   Am   G 
C            G 
  I was lost   and you were found 
Am                        G 
   You seemed to stand on   solid ground 
C            G 
  I was weak   and you were strong 
Am               G 
   And me and my guitar we strummed along, oh 
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Acoustic lead riff: C G Am G E------------------------------------------------------ B---------1------------3------------1------------3----- G------------0------------0------------2------------0-- D------2------------0------------2------------0-------- A---3-------------------------0------------------------ E----------------3-------------------------3-----------
F C G Sweet misery you cause me F C G That's what you called me F C G Sweet misery you cause me Repeat Intro I was blind but oh, how you could see You saw the beauty in everything, everything and me I would cry and you would smile You'd stay with me a little while Repeat Chorus Bridge: C G F C G Am G And my heart I see, oh what you're doing to me C G F C G Am G And in my heart I see, oh just how you wanted it to be C G Am G Sweet misery Interlude: F C F C G (2x) Repeat Chorus Repeat bridge I was weak, and you were strong And me and my guitar we strummed along

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