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Again Acordes

Lenny Kravitz


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	  Intro: A F#m E D

D5                   E5  F#5
I've been searching for you
D5                    E5  F#5
I heard a cry within my soul
   D5                              E5   F#5
I never had a yearning quite like this before
                   D5             E5	     F#5	
Now that you are walking right through my door

A All of my life F#m Where have you been E D I wonder if I'll ever see you again A And if that day comes F#m I know we could win E D I wonder if I'll ever see you again
D5 E5 F#5 A sacred gift of heaven D5 E5 F#5 For better worse wherever D5 E5 F#5 And I would never let somebody break you down D5 E5 F#5 Or take your crown, never REFRÃO Am I've searched through time, I've always known Em That you where there, upon your throne Am A lonely queen, without her king Em I've longer for you, my love forever Solo A

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