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Brooks And Dunn

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	  Intro  C  Em 2x 

Verse 1 
C                             Em 
Aint it funny the turns life puts you through 
Dont know whats round the bend  
Man, you dont know where its leading you 
F                            Dm 
close your eyes say a prayer Take it on the chin 
         Am7                         G    
its the darndest thing it comes back again 

                    C                         Em 
Baby I Thought that love was over and gone forever 
                      F                 Fm * 
never gonna come back to me Never gonna hold me again 
    C                                 Em 
but your love pounds in my heart like thunder 
                        F               Fm           C  
Flashes through me like lighting making me believe again 

Intro 1X 

Verse 2 
C                      Em 
Dont know what Im supposed to say 
C                             Em 
Aint got a clue about what I need to do 
F                   Dm                    Am7           G  
All I know is how I feel right here Right now here with you 

Chorus x2 

EM   F           Fm              C  
OHHHH     Making me believe again 

* Bass run is E string 3, A string open, 2, 3.   
  or G , A , B , C. the C is the next chord 

Pretty sure its right but make a comment if not. 
I got the intro/lead down but its so short I didnt include it.  
If you want it make a comment and Ill add it. 


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