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Four Walls

Áño: 1980 - Álbum: East

Tono:  C Más
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They're calling time for exercise

Round her Majesty's hotel

    Am               Am7
The maid'll hose the room out

         F     Dm
When I'm gone

C                 E7
I never knew such luxury

F                 Bb7
Before my verdict fell

C           F                 C    F C
Four walls, washbasin, prison bed

Well the Bathurst riots ended
When they clubbed the rebels down
And in every congregation
There was silence
You can hear the Angels singin'
When Christmas comes around
Four walls, washbasin, prison bed

Eb        Bb               F      Dm
I love to march while some Nazi calls the time

               C     G  F  G
Who'd wanna go home

I can't see

I can't hear

Am      Am7               F        Dm
They've burnt out all the feeling

C                  E7
I've never been so crazy

F                       Bb7
And it's just my second year

C           F                 C    F C
Four walls, washbasin, prison bed

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