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Four Walls Acordes

Jim Reeves


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Four Walls

Capo en el 2º traste
	  nd FRET/KEY: A/PLAY: G 
G Out where the bright lights are Am glowing 
You're D drawn like a moth to a G flame 
You laugh while the G7 wine's over-{C} flowing 
While G I sit and D whisper your G name. 
G Four walls to Am hear me D Four walls to G see Four G7 walls too C near me G Closing D in on G me.
Sometimes I ask while I'm waiting But my walls have nothing to say I'm made for love not for hating So here where you left me I'll stay. One night with you is like heaven And so while I'm walking the floor I listen for steps in the hallway And wait for your knock on my door. CHORUS TAG: G Clos-ing D in on G me.

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