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My Maria Acordes

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My Maria

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	  INTRO:   (Bass run, Eb, Bb, G#) repeat

     Eb Bb G#                Eb                    Bb             G#   Eb           Bb
My Maria, don't you know I've come a long, long way. I've been longin' 
      G#                               Eb                        Bb       G#               Eb Bb G#
to see her, when she's around, she takes my blues away. Sweet Maria, 
        Eb                     Bb          G#   Eb      Bb      G#                  Eb
little sunlight surely hurts my eyes. I'm a lonely dreamer on a highway 
 Bb     G#
in the sky.

Eb Bb G# Eb G# Bb Eb Eb Bb Maria-- (Oh Maria, I love you girl. Oh my Maria). Maria-- (Oh Maria, I G# Eb G# Bb Eb {1st time end w/ intro lick Eb, Bb, G#} love you girl. Maria I love you.)
VERSE:2 Eb Bb G# Eb Bb G# Eb Bb G# My Maria, there was some blue and sorrowed times. Just my thoughts about Eb Bb G# Eb Bb G# Eb Bb you, bring back, my peace of mind. Gypsy Lady, your a miracle work for G# Eb Bb G# Eb Bb G# me. You set my soul free, like a ship sailing on the sea. BRIDGE: Bb G# Eb Bb G# Bb G# She is the sunlight, when the, skies are grey. She treats me so right. Eb Bb G# Eb Bb G# Lady, take me away. CHORUS: SOLO: (like chorus)

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