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The Way You Look Tonight Acordes

Andy Williams



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The Way You Look Tonight

Introdução: G4/7/9  G7/9 
C7M/9 Am7 
Some day 
Dm7/9             G7/13-  
When I'm awfully low  
 Em7              A7/13- 
When the world is cold 
Dm7/9          G7/13-            Gm7  C7/9-        
I will feel a glow just thinking of you   
 F7M             G4/7/9  Em7 A7/13- Dm7/9 G4/7/9                
And the way you look tonight 
           C7M/9 Am7 
You're so lovely 
Dm7/9             G7/13-  
With your smile so warm 
Em7                A7/13-                     
And your cheeks so soft 
  Dm7/9          G7/13-        Gm7  C7/9-                
There is nothing for me but to love you 
F7M             G4/7/9  C7M/9  Fm7 Bb7/13 
And the way you look tonight 
Eb7M    Edim          Fm7         Bb7/13   
With each word your tenderness grows 
Eb7M     Edim       Fm7  Bb7/13      
Tearing my fears apart 
Eb7M      Edim      m7             Bb7    
And that laugh that wrinkles your nose 
  Eb7M        Ab7  Dm7 G4/7/9 
Touches my foolish heart 
           C7M/9   Am7 
Yes you're lovely  
Dm7/9        G7/13- 
Never, ever change  
Em7                  A7/13- 
Keep that breathless charm 
Dm7/9            G7/13-               Gm7  C7/9-     
Won't you please arrange it, 'cause I love you 
F7M              G4/7/9   C7M/9   
Just the way you look tonight 

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