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The Way You Look Tonight Acordes

Frank Sinatra



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The Way You Look Tonight

Ebmaj7  Cm7  Fm7              Bb7 
Some    day, when I'm awfully low,  
Gm7               C7(b9) 
When the world is cold,  
Fm7           Bb7                Ebmaj7  Cm7 
I will feel a glow just thinking of      you 
Fm7             Bb7    Ebmaj7 
And the way you look tonight.  

           Ebmaj7  Cm7  Fm7                Bb7 
Yes you're love  - ly,  with your smile so warm  
Gm7                C7(b9) 
And your cheeks so soft,  
Fm7                  Bb7       Ebmaj7  Cm7 
There is nothing for me but to love    you,  
Fm7             Bb7    Ebmaj7 
And the way you look tonight.  

Gbmaj7    Gdim7     Abm7       Db7 
With each word your tenderness grows,  
Bbm7       Adim7  Abm7  Db7 
Tearing my fear apart...  
Bbm7     Eb7(b5)    Abm7          Db7 
And that laugh that wrinkles your nose,  
Gbmaj7     Gbdim7     Fm7    Bb7 
It touches my foolish heart.  

Ebmaj7  Cm7  Fm7            Bb7 
Love  - ly, Never, ever change.  
Gm7               C7(b9) 
Keep that breathless charm.  
Fm7              Bb7                  Ebmaj7  Cm7 
Won't you please arrange it ? 'Cause I love you ... 
Fm7             Bb7    Ebmaj7 
 Just the way you look tonight. 

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