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These Dreams of You Ukulele tab

Van Morrison


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These Dreams of You

Tono:  G
	  G    G6/9   G    G6/9   G                                     C 
                   I dreamed you paid your dues in Canada 
C#9+   D                
 Left    me  to come through 
G    G6/9   G    G6/9   G                       C 
                    I headed for the right way 
C#9+    D 
I knew exactly just what to do 
 G    G6/9   G    G6/9   G                                   C 
                     I dreamed we played cards in the dark 
C#9+     D 
And you lost and you lied 
G    G6/9   G    G6/9   G                  C 
                  Wasn't very hard to do 
C#9+           D                G    G6/9   G    G6/9    
But hurt me deep down inside  
C D G G6/9 G G6/9 Mmmmmm, these dreams of you C D G G6/9 G G6/9 So real and so true C D G G6/9 G G6/9 These dreams of you C D G G6/9 G9 G6/9 G So real So true
My back was up against the wall And you slowly just walked away You never really heard my call When I cried out that way With my face against the sun You pointed out for me to go Then you said I was the one Had to reap what you did sow Chorus Bridge Em D G G6/9 G G6/9 And hush-a-bye, hush-a-bye don't ever think about it Em D G G6/9 G G6/9 Go to sleep don't ever say one word Em D G Em C D Close you eyes, you are an angel sent down from above G G6/9 G9 G6/9 G And Ray Charles was shot down But he got up to do his best A crowd of people gathered round To the question answered "yes" And you slapped me on face I turned around the other cheek you couldn't really stand the pace And I would never be so meek Chorus Bridge
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