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I Can't Complain Ukulele tab

Todd Snider


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I Can't Complain

Tono:  D
	  D   A    D 
A little out of place, a little out of time 
              A                 D 
Sorta lost in space, racing the moon 
             G                  D      G 
Climbing the walls of this hurricane 
G         D   A            D 
Still overall, I can?t complain 
All I wanted was one chance to let freedom ring 
They said I had to get a permit, tags and everything 
I never made it through the red tape, I got this paper hat 
I got a job working weekdays, you want fries with that 
I got nothin to lose 
Cause there?s nothin to gain 
            G       G/F#      Em             D       A 
It?s like a one way ticket to cruise in that passing lane 
I can?t complain 
I was talkin with my girlfriend, I told her I was stressed 
I said I'm going off the deep end, she said give it a rest 
We?re all waiting in the dugout, wishin? we could pitch 
How you gonna throw a shutout, if all you do is bitch 
So now I got a brand new dance, I need one more shot 
I just need one last chance, you know I won?t get caught 
I gotta make my last stand this time I can?t be bought 
But then again on the other hand how much have you got 
A little out of place, a little out of tune 
We?re all lost in space, racing the moon 
Climbin? the walls of this hurricane 
Still overall, I guess I can?t complain 

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