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Knock Yourself Out Ukulele tab

Toby Keith


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Knock Yourself Out

	  Intro:  D  A  Em (x2) 
D                        A                   Em 
If you wanna go back to him, baby get up and go 
D                     A                       Em 
I'm tired of being a clown caught up in your sideshow 
G                 A 
Night after night it never ends 
             Bm                A 
It's like a heavyweight fight nobody wins 
    G                                      A 
And I'm throwin' in the towel, enough is enough 
D Bm7 Knock yourself out, break me in two G A You gotta go do what you gotta do D Bm7 I gave you my best shot but you didn't fall G A Head over heals in love after all
Bm F#m7 I don't wanna hear no more, baby there's the door Em G Em There's nothin' left to fight about A D Knock yourself out (repeat intro chords) Bm F#m7 Oh let's not pull any punches Bm F#m7 While were standin' here toe to toe G D/F# If you're gonna leave me, baby Em A Go on, go REPEAT CHORUS (repeat intro chords) D A Em If you wanna go back to him, baby get up and go
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