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Forever Hasn't Got Here Yet Ukulele tab

Toby Keith

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Forever Hasn't Got Here Yet

Tono:  E
	  E                        A 
Girl watcha talkin 'bout, I ain't believin this 
E                     A 
 I ain't settlin for none of this foolishness 
E                                               A 
We can't let a sure thing drown in a puddle of doubt 
E                          A 
It's just some rocky road but we've got solid ground 
E                        A 
It's just a little bump we can work around 
E                                                  A 
We've got a lifetime ahead so don't go quittin me now 
B                    A 
Come on baby we're still together 
B                             A  E 
This ain't as good as it's gonna get 
B                            C#m 
I swore I'd love you til the end of forever 
     B              A        E 
And forever hasn't got here yet 
Does it matter girl, who's really right or wrong 
This ain't the kinda thing we should sleep on 
I say we start it all over tonight with a kiss 
So slide over here momma, it's gonna be alright 
We'll write it off as just another angry night 
I like it better when we're makin up like this 
B                           C#m 
I'll still love you til the end of forever 
     B              A       E 
And forever hasn't got here yet 
               A        E 
No, it hasn't got here yet 

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