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Baddest Boots Ukulele tab

Toby Keith

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Baddest Boots

Tono:  A
Intro:  C  D  A (x2) 
           A            G               A 
I saw her turn her head in a drop dead gaze 
         A                                             E7 
She was peakin' out over the top of those wire-rimmed shades 
No it wasn't my charm and it wasn't my grin 
That had that little secretary dive right in 
            A                 E7                   A 
She wasn't lookin' at me man she was lookin at my feet 
It's these twenty-two hundred and twenty-five dollar 
Pair of hand made genuine fine 
Hornback kicks with a seven row stitch 
And a three dollar sidewalk shine 
Yeah they're made to fit and they're hard to find 
        D                      C                      
Make a pretty woman look down every time 
           A       G                 A 
I got the baddest boots on the boulevard 
          A       G                 A 
Yeah the baddest boots on the boulevard 
They were made by a little man down in El Paso 
I was passin' through town singin' at the rodeo 
He said they cost a little more but for what it's worth 
There ain't another pair like em on God's green earth 
And I handed him my money and he sized me up 
They make a man proud walking through a crowd 
Whoa nothin' else can stand beside em 
     C                     B 
When I pull em on I start singin' a song 
Make me wanna tuck my britches' legs inside em 
   G                  A 
(let's take a stroll) 
Instrumental:  A  G  A (look it here) A  E7 
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