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Hollywood Ukulele tab

The Cranberries


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	  Intro  Em   C   Am    
Em         C             Am 
I've got a picture in my head  
In my head 
Em          C             Am 
It's me and you we are in bed  
We are in bed 
Em            C                Am 
You've always beenthere when I called 
When I called 
Em            C                  Am 
You've always been there most of all, all, all, all 
Em      C        Am 
This is not Hollywood 
Like I understood 
Em C        Am  
Is not Hollywood 
Like, like, like 
Em        C 
Get away, get away, 
Is there anybody there? 
Em        C 
Get away, get away, 
Is there anybody there? 
Em        C         Am  
get away, get away, get away, away.... 
Em         C             Am 
I've got a picture in my room 
In my room 
Em       C               Am 
I will return there I presume 
It will be soon 
Em           C        Am 
The greatest irony of all 
Shoot the wall 
Em          C             Am   
It's not so glamourous at all, all, all 
Contribuição: Italo Roberto([email protected]) 
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