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Love Won't Let Me Ukulele tab

Tammy Cochran

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Love Won't Let Me

Tono:  F
	  Intro chord F only 
     F                Bb 
What I should do  Is play it cool 
     C                                       F 
In front of you an I just might fool you for a minute or two 
F                                      Bb  
But what I can't hide Is everything I feel inside 
           C                                              F 
Cause the truth is baby my heart starts racing when I'm next to you And 

F n.c. F Love won't let me Not I go crazy when you come around Bb Go insane when we get a little closer now C F I'd be inclined to chicken out But love wont let me F Love has a funny way of getting you into Bb Something that scares you but you can't resist C F Or let you leave without a kiss But love won't let me
Go to chorus F Bb So we took that step Now I'm over my head C F Now I'm circling earth and I'm pretty sure I won't be coming down for a while F Bb But the trouble is Ever since that little kiss C F I don't care how late it gets don't wanna let you outta these arms of mine cause F D# Bb F Now I-I-I- I-I only wanna spend my time Holding you tight every night F D# Baby every time I think about love-ove-ove-ove Bb F I've loved you from the day we met The way you get me I'm so glad that Go to chorus, to ending ENDING: Bb C F No no (Love won't let me)
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