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Caroline Ukulele tab

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Áño: 1980 - Álbum: Gold Range Collection

Tono:  F
Intro:  F ...  F  Bb  F  C  Bb  F   F  Bb  F  C  Bb  F 
    1. If you want to turn me onto 
       Anything you really want to 
                F         C           F    C 
       Turn me onto your love, sweet love 
    2. If the night-time is the right time 
       Anytime of yours is my time 
       We can find time for love, sweet love 
F Come on sweet Caroline F You're my sweet Caroline Bb You know I want to take you Bb I've really got to make you F Come on sweet Caroline C Take my hand
Bb F C Together we can rock'n'roll 3. When I'm thinking of you sleeping I'm at home alone and weeping Are you keeping your love, sweet love 4. Do you still care when I'm not there Do you really whish I was there Can I come there for love, sweet love Ref.: Come on ... Intro: (1x) 1. If you want ... Ref.: Come on ... Intro: (3x)
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