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No Easy Goodbye Ukulele tab

South Sixty Five

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No Easy Goodbye

Tono:  F#
Capo en el 1er traste
	  (this is a beautiful tune I hope more people listen to it) 
South Sixty Five - No Easy Goodbye 
F                   C 
She said weve got to talk  
F                C  
And I knew it was bad 
F                  C 
Cuz the look in her eyes 
Is worried and sad 
F                  C  
Then she called me angel 
F#                C  
And I felt like a clown 
F                     C  
As she stared out the window 
And said you better sit down  
C Cuz This is gonna hurt F This is gonna ache Em C this is really gonna cause your heart to break F# Cm-G Ive gotta tell you something that'll make you cry C Em Oh I cant put into words, The things I want to say F C Im tryin to let you down in a gentle way Em Cm G C But theres just no easy Good-bye
(Verse 2) I thought I was dreaming I didnt know where to start I just wanted to hold her And show her all my heart So I told her I loved her (She said) I love you too Then she quietly whispered Theres someone new (go to chorus) (bridge) Em Its so hard to let go Am Of the one that you know F Loves you better C Then all of the rest Fm But she stood there by the door Am As she turned to me once more F G Sayin mabye this is all for the best (repeat chorus 2x's)
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