Sixpence None the Richer

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Sixpence None the Richer

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Tono:  C#m7
   C#m7	     Cmaj7	 C#m7	   Cmaj7 

C#m7	    Cmaj7	      C#m7       Cmaj7 
Mysteries unfolding quickly before my eyes 
      C#m7	              Cmaj7 
In a way I saw the world in one night 
	     C#m7   Cmaj7	     C#m7	  Cmaj7 C#m7 Cmaj7 
Without even leaving, without even leaving the room 
Golden cymbals catching light 
The flowing veils of dancers in the night put me in a swoon 
Beating drums and violins so mystical and freeing 
These things that i\'m seeing 
Well they\'re so wonderful, well they\'re so wonderful 

G Oh the world is such a big place Em And You have redeemed it, You have redeemed it G No reason to be afraid Em You have redeemed it, You have redeemed us all
VAMP Culture after culture flash before my eyes The semi-closed mind is now evident Help me to remember this world is Yours You gave your life to bring the wayward back to You The wayward back to You Em D Cmaj7 /D Em D Cmaj7 D Em D Cmaj7 G/B C E F# CHORUS Em /D Cmaj7 /D Em /D Cmaj7 /D Em /D Cmaj7 /D Em /D Cmaj7 repeat VAMP and fade
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