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Pop Song For US Rejects Ukulele tab



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Pop Song For US Rejects

Intro : C D G x4 
    C                    D  G 
Addiction´s held your back 
But You dont care 
                        D  G 
Cause you´re on high again 
and it´s not fair 
                D  G 
Consuming alcohol 
while I got to drive 
                                  D  G 
take a hit from the drugs you stole 
and try to survive 
G D Since your life was over G D You havent yet been sober G D you have held me back so long G D everthing you do is wrong
C# G Now I got to dump YOUUUUUU C# G Continue My life TOOOOO C# G Tried to help Youuuuuu C# G dont care What you do Eb (hold) ai toque de novo a primeira parte do memso jeito. Apenas a letra é diferente : verse 2 - Your state of mind´s improved but we´re still apart I visited you´d move Don´t know where to start Your life is an open cold sore Got to get out the cream Now i´m think positive But I know it´s a dream DEPOIS TOQUE O REFRAO DE NOVO E No Eb DANIEL CANTA ESSA FRASE VARIAS VEZES INTERCALANDO COM OS BICORDES QUE ESTAO MAIS ABAIXO. fICA ASSIM ATE O FINAL Eb you died yesterdaaaaaay G F G G# Eb you died yesterdaaaaaay
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