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Honeysuckle Rose Ukulele tab

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Honeysuckle Rose

Tono:  D

Em7/9 Em7 G/B      A7  Em7/9 Em7  G/B   A7 
Ev'ry     honey    bee fills with  jealousy 
Em7               Bb9      A7 
When they see you out with me;  
Em7/9 Em7  A4/7  A7/9   D      D6   D7  G 
I    don't blame them, goodness knows,  
Bb7     A7      D    A7 D Fdim 
Honeysuckle rose. 
Em7/9 Em7   G/B     A7  Em7/9 Em7  G/B        A7 
When you're passing by, flowers    droop and sigh 
Em7   G/B      Bb9    A7 
And I know the reason why  
Em7/9  Em7  A4/7 A7/9   D  D6   D7   G 
You're much sweeter, goodness knows 
Bb7  A7      D 
Honeysuckle rose. 

D7   Gdim Fdim  D7    G6      Am7      Cdim     G6 
Don't buy sugar     you just have to touch my cup 
E7    Cdim Edim  E7       G/B            Cdim    A7 
You're my  sugar,   it's sweet when you stir it up 
Em7/9 Em7 G/B     A7  Em7/9 Em7 G/B    A7 
When  I'm takin' sips from your tasty    lips 
Em7        G/B   Bb9     A7 
Seems like honey fairly drips 
Em7/9  Em7  A4/7 A7/9 D      D6   D7 G 
You're confection, goodness  knows 
 Bb7  A7    D    D7 G Gdim D A7/13- D9 
Honeysuckle rose. 
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