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Holly Hox Forget Me Not Ukulele tab

Saves The Day



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Holly Hox Forget Me Not

Tono:  B

Intro: Emx(hold) 

then B C#m E-- x4 

verse 1: 
B C#m             E 
  Somewhere under water maybe  
you could find my heart  
             C#m     E 
Cause that's where I threw it  
                      B      C#m 
after you had torn it out whoa  
E                  B 
Three days ago The doctor 
C#m       E 
here said so and told me 

Refrain 1: 
G#m       E 
  "Every skyline and  
every night spent  
alone Are tearing  
me apart" Maybe  
I should get some 
help Maybe  
I should fly out  
to Montana I've  
it's quiet 

B C#m E B out past the electric lines Out C#m E where no one will know my name B F# C#m E and whoa I've had it now I'm B F# C#m E walking down to your house
verse 2: B F# E I'm banging on B F# E the door Please please B F# E please Mr. Hox Won't you tell your daughter B F# E I'm all alone And I'm not handling this well verse 3: G#m You never know E what you have F# Until you get it yanked E out of your chest oh yeah G#m I'm walking to the E water I'm standing on F# the bank I'm staring at my reflection Oh E my god I look pathetic B(hold) B/Eb tonight Outro: B F# E Well guess what now B F# E I'm diving in this B F# E river And I'm fishing out my heart B F# E B F# E never gonna let you B never gonna let you get F# E B F# C#m E(hold) your hands on this again
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