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Holy Spirit Rain Down Ukulele tab

Russell Fragar



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Holy Spirit Rain Down

Tono:  Bb
	  Bb/C          F      Eb/F  Eb/Bb Bb 
Holy Spirit rain down, rain    down! 
    Gm7                  F/A 
O Comforter and Friend 
              Bb                         Csus4 
How we need Your touch again! 
Bb/C          F      Eb/F   Eb/Bb Bb 
Holy Spirit rain down,  rain   down! 
                F/C                          A7/C# 
Let Your power fall, let Your voice be heard, 
Come and change our hearts, 
As we stand on Your Word, 
        F/C  C         Bb/F   F 
Holy Spir-it rain down. 

Bb                       A7 
No eye has seen, no ear has heard, 
Dm7                                 Cm7           Fm7-B9 
No mind can know what God has in store. 
      Bb                       A7 
So open up heaven, open it wide, 
Dm7                               Bbm6/Db 
Over Your church, and over our lives. 
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