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Friends In High Places Ukulele tab

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Friends In High Places

Tono:  F
Verse 1: 
         Bb2/C   F         Bb/F     F 
Well I was in need and I needed a friend 
                   Bb/F    F 
I was alone and I needed a hand 
I was going down But someone rescued me 
Gm7 Am7 My God cares too much to say Bb Dm C His mercies are new ev'ryday Gm7 Am I get down to pray Bb C F And then help is on its way Verse 2: I walk by faith and not by sight If things go wrong, it'll be alright cause someone greater Is watching over me Bridge: Am7 Dm7 Now in faith, I believe Am7 Dm7 I've got everything I need Gm7 F/A Bb Dm C Csus C I walk by faith and not by what I see Am7 Dm7 I've got friends in high places Am7 Dm7 I've got someone I can call Gm7 F/A Bb Dm C And I've got someone watching over me ©1994 Hillsong Publishing (Admin. in U.S. & Canada by Integrity's Hosanna! Music) All rights reserved. International copyright secured. ********* You found it at E-Chords 2u4ubyu Ontario Canada
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