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The Apple Came Down Ukulele tab




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The Apple Came Down

Tono:  F
Capo en el 3er traste



F             Am            F      Dm 
Life support genius at the end of time 
     Bb       F      C     Dm 
The greatest living brain alive 
   F                              C      Dm 
A breath of chance matter from a fallen star 
     Bb      F       C       F 
The power is on and reaches far 

     Bb         F      C       Dm 
The apple came down it had to fall 
      Bb        F     C         Dm 
Where men grew wise minds grew small 
F           C    Dm       Bb 
Newton and Adam lost and found 
     F          C   F            Dm 
The apple must fall to the ground 

Dm, F, C, Dm, F, Dm, C, Dm 


Bb x4  (on the second time round) 

F              Dm  C   Dm 
The Apple came down 
     F         Dm   C 
The atom must fall 

repeat to fade 

The rest of the verses/Chorus use the same chords as above 

There's not long left it's a race against time 
They say he's close he could lose his mind 
Like he lost his body here on planet Earth 
Where he holds the key to the universe 

A mighty spark to keep him there 
Triggered to power wired to pain 
Direct inject pleasure when the going gets rough 
Don't believe in God and all that stuff 

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