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I'm Coming Home Ukulele tab

Robert Earl Keen



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I'm Coming Home

Tono:  G
	  G                        D 
Packed my suitcase and I racked my brain 
Em                   C 
Bought a ticket on a late night train 
G                       D 
Took a taxi through the pourin' rain 
C          D       G 
I'm comin' home to you 

Flew from Boston out to San Jose 
Sae our old friends in Monterey Bay 
When they asked me if I'd like to stay 
I said I'm comin' home to you 

G D I'm comin' home G C Made up my mind that's what I'm gonna do G D Can't love nobody on the telephone C D G I'm comin' home to you
They threw a party there from dusk 'till dawn Seems like everybody knows old sleepy John He said next time I better bring you along I'm comin' home to you They had fresh caught salmon on the bareques There were people jammin' all night to the blues Life is good out in Santa Cruz but I'm comin' home to you Chorus I drove forever out to God knows where Come ten-thirty there was no one there They couldn't pay me but I didn't care I'm comin' home to you I'm feelin' better since I got your card I read it over and over when the road gets hard Ain't nothin' better than your own backyard I'm comin' home to you Chorus TWICE Packed my suitcase and I racked my brain Bought a ticket on the late night train Took a taxi in the pourin' rain......
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