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Lost To A Stranger Ukulele tab

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Lost To A Stranger

Tono:  G
Capo en el 3er traste

   G                        C           G 
We went out one evenin', my darlin' and I 
C             G             A7         D 
She seemed so different and I wondered why 
   G                       C             G 
We stopped at a tavern and there I could see 
     C          G          D           G    D 
That she loved another one better than me 

    G                   C             G 
The band was playin' an old fashioned waltz 
    C               G           A7       D 
The dance floor was crowded and I wasn't long 
     G                        C         G 
When up stepped a stranger, I never had seen 
C           G              D              G 
He asked my darlin': "Will you dance with me? 

Em              G        C     G 
While they were dancin', I sat alone 
  Em         G             C     G 
I knew I had lost her, the one I loved 
G                    C         G 
Lost to a stranger I never had seen 
    C               G           D        G 
The waltz they were playin' had ended my dream 
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