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Special Ukulele tab

Richie Kotzen



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Tono:  Bb
Intro: Bb  F/A  F9/A  Gm7  C  C9 

Bb                     F/A                   F9/A 
You said to me I'm not what your looking for 
Gm7                       C                      C9 
You're movin' on somebody else can give you more 
Bb                             F/A              F9/A 
So I let you go thinking we'll never meet again 
Gm7                         C        C9 
But here you are and baby I wanna know 
Did you wanna be rich? 
                   F/A      F9/A 
Did you wanna feel special? 
Did you wonder in all this time how 
I Was livin without you? 
Did you wanna be cruel? 
                     F/A               F9/A 
Did you think that I never would go on 
Now all the things you thought you had have gone 
C                          Bb 
Let that be a lesson to you 
               F/A            F9/A 
It's funny how life can change 
Gm7             C                C9 
You never know until you walk away 
Bb                       F/A            F9/A 
I see you now and you're lost and afraid 
Because you know you had love 
        C          C9 
And you wanted more 
I give your more than I ever got back 
    F/A               F9/A 
You left me here to forget about that 
All the things you thought you have had gone 
C             C9 
Let that be a lesson to you 
     Gm7                               C          C9 
Your special, your so special, your so special to me 
All the things that you wanted now you know were wrong 
    F/A                 F9/A 
You gave up on love for something more 
All the things you thought you had have gonne 
Let that be a lesson to you 
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