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The Bubble Bullets Song Ukulele tab

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The Bubble Bullets Song

Tono:  D
	  Intro & verse 1 Tab: 

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D Gsus2/F# G e|---------------------------------------------------------------------------| |x6(2x Intro + 4xVerse) B|----------3-----------3-----------3-----------3----------------------------| |x6(2x Intro + 4xVerse) G|----------2-----------0-----------0-----------0----------------------------| |x6(2x Intro + 4xVerse) D|----0----------------------------------------------------------------------| |x6(2x Intro + 4xVerse) A|---------------------------------------------------------------------------| |x6(2x Intro + 4xVerse) E|----------------2-----------3----------------------------------------------| |x6(2x Intro + 4xVerse) Bridge Tab: G A7 D e|-----------3-----3-------------0-----0-------------2-----2-------------3-----3-----| B|-----------3-----3-------------2-----2-------------3-----3-------------3-----3-----| G|-----------0-----0-------------0-----0-------------2-----2-------------0-----0-----| D|-----------0-----0-------------2-----2-------0-----0-----0-------------0-----0-----| A|-----------2-----2-------0-----0-----0---------------------------------2-----2-----| E|-----3-----3-----3-----------------------------------------------3-----3-----3-----| G D A7 e|-----------3-----3-------------2-----2-------------0-----0-----| B|-----------3-----3-------------3-----3-------------2-----2-----| G|-----------0-----0-------------2-----2-------------0-----0-----| D|-----------0-----0-------0-----0-----0-------------2-----2-----| A|-----------2-----2---------------------------0-----0-----0-----| E|-----3-----3-----3---------------------------------------------|
Intro: D Gsus2/F# G x2 verse 1: D Gsus2/F# G Hey babycakes I wanna write you a song D Gsus2/F# G now that we've been on this journey so long D Gsus2/F# G standing here at the sink scrubbin' away D Gsus2/F# G has really made me think I've got somethin' to say Bridge: G A7 Hey baby, ketchup and mustard and oatmeal too, D G just wash your dishes, don't make me blue G D A7 Wash your dishes, or rinse them... or just make an effort
Chorus: D Gsus2/F# G If bubbles were bullets I'd blow you away D Gsus2/F# G I'd pop the champagne and make a clean getaway D Gsus2/F# G If bubbles were bullets I'd draw you a bath D Gsus2/F# G Tubfarts as meganukes would deliver my wrath A7 But if bubbles were bullets G if that were really true then babycakes G A7 D I'd take a shot for you G A7 D I'd take a shot for you G A7 D I'd take a shot for you
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