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Eight More Miles Ukulele tab

Reckless Kelly

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Eight More Miles

Tono:  D
	  D         C       G 
it was a place of contentment 
D         C       G 
and the family dropped by 
D         C            G 
for some good buys and good lucks 
D     C       G 
and I left em behind 
D     C        G 
got a rig from the old man 
D        C          G 
watch the sun comin up 
D           C           G 
through the fog on the windshield 
D       C              G 
and the steam from the cup 
C G eight more miles C G eight more miles C D G eight more miles we'll be high C G can't decide C G if eight more miles C D G is to the top of the world C G or the end of the line
That is pretty much it, sorry I can't remember all the words, I think the progression stays basically the same throughout, you might find some changes though. I would recommend playing the C as a Cadd9. [email protected]
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