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Me And Us Ukulele tab

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Me And Us

Tono:  F#m
F#m Bbm7+ 

Eb Abm E7 Dm Bbm 

Eb                   Abm          E7 
We go to bed and you fall asleep, fall asleep, not me, 
Dm                 Bbm 
we go to bed and I lie awake, lie awake and 
Eb                       Abm              E7 
float out the window and down the street, over the bridge and 
Dm                     Bbm 
into the village for a little break from me, meaning us. 

Eb Abm E7 Dm Bbm 

Eb                   Abm        E7 
I float away and you disappear, disappear, 
Dm                         Bbm 
some pretty young villager takes my hand and leads me to more 
Eb                     Abm             E7 
pretty young villagers forming a ring, forming a ring around 
Dm                   Bbm                            Eb 
a bonfire built on a line in the sand between me an us. 

Eb   Gm   Cm        Gm              F         Em     Am 
Am I lost,   have I lost, have they thrown me on the fire, 
         C/G          Em      EmM7  D           C#m   F#m 
there to dance in the flames, far   enough from you to wonder 
if me still means us. 

Eb Abm E7 Dm Bbm  (3x - Banjo solo) 

Eb                  Abm                 E7 
She leads me to the end of the night. A boyfriend of hers is there. 
Dm                         Bbm 
You're on his arm, but our eyes don't meet, our eyes don't meet 'cause 
Eb                    Abm              E7 
we only have eyes for fueling the fire, being melted down and reformed 
Dm              Bbm 
in the image of wilder things, wilder things than us. 

Eb     Gm   Cm        Gm              F         Em     Am 
Are we lost, have we lost, have they thrown us on the fire, 
         C/G          Em      EmM7  D           C#m   F#m 
there to dance in the flames, far enough from one another. 

F#m Bbm7+ F#m Bbm7+ 
   F#m                                 Bbm7+                   F#m      Bbm7+ 
We fed them to the flames, but they're just getting colder and colder. 
    F#m                          Bbm7+                           
The boy's at least half again as selfish, and the girl's feeling a day 
F#m       Bb 
older per hour, 
               F#m           Bbm7+ 
but there's no help for them now, 
        F#m                             Bbm7+ 
because together looks good when you're alone looks good 
            F#m          Bbm7+ 
when you're together, 
       F#m                       Bbm7+                         F#m       Bb 
and it takes a village older and less inclined to say which is better to say 
               F#m        Bbm7+ 
which would be better. 

Eb Abm E7 Dm Bbm 
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