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Dot Robinson Ukulele tab

Pierre Simões



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Dot Robinson

(Pierre Simões)

Tono:  C
C                                           G 
Pioneering and the desire for freedom have made you an example for us 
For many women and teenagers on everywhere, no doubt on world  
When wasn't allowed for women and girls to be happy, what they wanted to be 
Just a mother of a family and homemaker demure how it should be 
F                       C 
You have overcome everything and everyone, 
G                                  C 
You did it naturally, no fear, no awe, no scare none  
F                             C 
Happiness is to make a candy life to yourself, 
D                                 G 
With much courage following your heart, joking like an elf  

C                                    G 
Just like the great women who stood out in the far past 
You overcame paradigms and outdated silly concepts 
All the women who yearn for freedom and adventures admire you 
Riding on your motorcycle and falling on the road, breaking the rules   
F                           C 
Your life will be told in verse and musical piece 
G                                  C 
You will live forever in our hearts and in our families 
F                              C 
You showed us the true sense of cheerfulness and peace 
D                             G             C 
An example of wisdom that we will follow eternally 

F     C 
Dot Robinson 
G                 C 
Our Greetings to you 
F                 C 
Be our greatest inspiration 
G                      C 
Our heaven, our north too 
F     C 
Dot Robinson 
G             C 
Amazing human being 
F            C 
Motor Maids honors you 
G                  C 
A soul like never seen 
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