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Back To Milwaukee Ukulele tab

Pierre Simões



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Back To Milwaukee

Tono:  A
	  A                   A 
I'm gonna back to Milwaukee, Milwaukee 
          G                  D                      A 
I really miss my beer in the mug and my babe on my body  
     G                    D                                   A 
I'd like to see the SummerFest, Veteran's Park and Reiman Aquarium,  
(The big sharks) 
           G                          D                     A 
I want to see The Brewers team and to eat the famous Colby cheese 
(Yeah, it's well-known) 
      G                D                  A 
I'll pass on Northern store to enjoy chocolate  
(Hum, so delicious) 
     G              D            A 
I'm Waking up afternoon, after snooze 
      G                      D           A 
From window, I see a big lagoon, near my room 
   G                   D                  A 
I hear Beatles rocky raccoon, on front saloon  
   G                        D            B 
I put my trunks; I'll swim soon, in the pool 
I'm going back to Milwaukee 
           G                D                            A 
I want to see the Mitchell Park Horticultural Society so talked (too famous) 
        G                      D               A 
Pretty paintings of Georgia O'Keeffe on Art Museum (it's amazing!) 
    G                         D                   A 
To know the Miller Brewing Company and the Pabst Mansion, 
       G                    D                     A 
Elvis Presley's motorcycle on the Harley-Davidson Museum 

(What more could I to want of this gem of Wisconsin?) 

        G                               D            A 
Pretty and cozy town, good people and ahead of it's time 
          G                  D                        A 
I want to see the legendary Bucks team busting on the court, (Go! Go!) 
       G                    D                       A 
Let's drink the Lakefront beer to celebrate their victory, 
      G                      D                    A 
for these and others that I love come back to Milwaukee 
   G                  D                    A 
I put my crankshaft boots, return to my roots 
        G                    D                  A 
In the Street, I pick some bloom, some it too blue 
G                    D                       A 
I'll meet my girl on County zoo, her name is Lou 
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