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Somewhere In Between Ukulele tab

Phil Vassar

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Somewhere In Between

Tono:  G
	  Verse 1: 
G                D             C 
Sometimes I forget that I remember 
Am               G             D 
Sometimes I hold on then I let go 
G                D             C 
Sometimes I fight then I surrender 
Am               G             D 
Losing you's been harder than you'll ever know... 
C         G           Am         D 
I'm just caught here halfway there 
C                  D 
I'm hanging in mid-air... 

D G Somewhere in between D Am In the middle of the darkness and the light G C All I can see is the hazy grey D Between the black and white C G I'm not laughin' I'm not cryin' Am G I'm not livin' I'm not dyin' C D I'm not flyin' and I'm not down on my knees C D Till I'm over you I'm gonna be stuck G D C G D C somewhere in between
verse 2: G D C Funny thing about your memory Am G D Is how it takes me by surprise G D C Suddenly it sneaks up on me Am G D comes around and cuts me down to size C G Am D There's a crossroad up ahead C D I'm just not there yet Back to Chorus
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