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Right On The Money Ukulele tab

Phil Vassar

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Right On The Money

Capo en el 3er traste

 (To Match Recording) 

(D)  (Ebdim)  (Em7)  (A) 
(D)  (Ebdim)  (Em7)  (A) 

(D) Let's (Ebdim) begin with the (Em7)  day I (A) met her 
How (D) fast this (Ebdim) good old boy's (Em7) world got (A) better 
The (D) sky got (Ebdim) bluer the (Em7) grass got (A) greener 
In just the (G6) first few seconds after (A) I first seen her 

Like my (D) favorite (Ebdim) song on a (Em7) new set of (A) speakers 
My (D) best old (Ebdim) jeans and my (Em7) broke in (A) sneakers 
A (D) homerun (Ebdim) pitch floating (Em7) right down the (A) middle 
The (A6) sweet music made when the (A7) bow hits the fiddle 

  She's (G6)  (A6)  right (D) on the (Bm7) money  (G6)  (A6) 
  She goes (D) direct (Bm) to my heart (G6)  (A6) 
  (D) When it comes to (Bm) lovin' me 
  (G6) She's everything (D/F#) I need 
  (Dm/F) Bullseye perfect...she's right on the (D) money 

She's (D) no red (Ebdim) lights when (Em7) I've over(A)slept 
A (D) threepoint (Ebdim) jump shot that's (Em7) nothing but (A) net 
A (D) hand full of (Ebdim) aces when the (Em7) dealer's done (A) dealin' 
I'm (A6) forever on a roll that's how she's (A7) got me feelin' 

Repeat Chorus 

(Bm) She's the best (A) cook that's ever (G) melted (D) cheese 
I ain't (Em7)  much around the house...but, (A) I aim to please 
(Bm) There's abso(A)lutely no (G) reason to (D) doubt her 
When she (Em) says I couldn't last 10 (A) mintues without her 

Repeat Chorus Twice
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