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Don't Miss Your Life Ukulele tab

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Don't Miss Your Life

Tono:  G

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Intro G G/D C/G e|-------------------------------------------------0------| B|-------3-----3------1---1------3------3------1---1------| G|------0-0---2-2----0-0--0-----0-0----2-2----0-0--0------| D|-------------------------------------------------2------| A|-----------0-----3-----------------0------3-------------| E|----3-----------------------3---------------------------|
G D/F# On a plane to the West Coast, laptop on my tray C D Papers spread across my seat, a big deadline to make G D An older man sitting next to me said, "Sorry to intrude, C D Thirty years ago my busy friend, I was you. Em Bm C D I made a ton of money and I climbed up the ladder, Em Bm C D Yeah, I was superman, not what does it matter.
G I missed the first steps my daughter took Am C The time my son played Captain Hook in 'Peter Pan' D I was in New York, said 'Sorry son, Dad has to work' G I missed the father daughter dance Am The first home run, no second chance C To be there when he crossed the plate D The moment's gone now it's too late C Bm Am Fame and fortune come with a heavy price D G D/G C D Son, don't miss your life."
G D Funny you should say that, I was sitting at the gate C D My daughter called, she made straight A's and they're off to celebrate. G D Scrolling through the pictures of my little family C D My daughter with her mom and friends, not a single one with me. Em Bm C D They know I love 'em, I know they know I care Em Bm C D The truth is half the time, I'm not even there.
G I missed our fourth and fifth anniversary Am Our girl was early by a week C Her sister had to hold her hand D I was in L.A., she said "I understand" G I missed her first day of school Am Then what kind of crazy fool C Lets such precious moments pass D We all know time goes way too fast C Bm Am D Hold on tight ?cause it don't happen twice G Don't miss your life.
F C/E D When I get off this plane, I'll buy a turn-around ticket F C/E D Saturday's her eighth birthday and I'm not gonna miss it G There'll be balloons and birthday cake Am And I'll clean up the mess they make C My mom and dad are drivin' in D I haven't seen 'em in God knows when G My wife will probably say to me Am C "I thought you were supposed to be in Portland D For a few more days", I'll take her in my arms and say C Bm Am D "I heard some words that hit me hard last night, G A man said: 'Don't miss your life'."
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