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There is a ship Ukulele tab

Peter Paul and Mary



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There is a ship

Tono:  Am
	               Am       F        G 
She's loaded deep, as deep can be, 
           C           Am       C 
But not as deep as the love I'm in. 
  Am       G    Am      C 
I know not if I sink or swim. 
            C     Am        G 
I leaned my back against an oak, 
            Am    F      G 
Thinking it was a trusty tree. 
             C         Am      C 
But first it bent, and then it broke, 
     Am    G         Am       C 
Just as my love grew false to me. 
            C          Am      G 
Oh, love is gentle and love is kind. 
             Am          F          G 
The sweetest flower when first it's new. 
               C       Am    C 
But love grows old and waxes cold, 
    Am     G            Am      C 
And fades away like the mornin' dew. 
              C       Am         G 
The water is wide, I cannot get o'er. 
             Am    F        G 
Neither have I the wings to fly. 
          C             Am    C 
Give me a boat that can carry two, 
    Am         G       Am       C 
And both shall row, my love and I. 

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