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Penthouse Serenade Ukulele tab

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Penthouse Serenade

(Will Jason and Val Burton)

Tono:  A
      A9        A            A7M       F#m 
Just picture a penthouse way up in the sky 
     D          Bm7          D7M        Dm6 
With hinges on chimneys for stars to go by 
   E7           Cdim       Edim         E7 
A sweet slice of Heaven for just you and I 
A    F#m      D9 E7 
When we're alone 
     A9          A  A7M             F#m 
From all of society, we'll stay aloof 
     D           Bm7  D7M          Dm6 
And live in propriety there on the roof 
     E7        Cdim     Edim         E7 
Two heavenly hermits we will be in truth 
A         Bm5-/7  E7 A 
When we're all  alone  

E7        Bm5-/7  Fdim  E7 
We'll use life's mad  pattern 
A     E7   Fdim       A 
As we view old Manhattan, 
     E7     Cdim       D        B7  
Then we can thank our lucky stars 
E7        Edim  Bm5-/7   E7 
That we're living as we are 
   A9           A            A7M           F#m 
In our little penthouse we'll always contrive 
         D            Bm7     D7M       Dm6 
To keep love and romance forever   alive 
    E7        Cdim        Edim       E7 
In view of the Hudson just over the drive 
A    Bm5-/7 Dm6  A 
When we're     alone 
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