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How To Change Your Mind Ukulele tab

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How To Change Your Mind

Tono:  E
	  Intro: E A D C (x2) 

Verse: 1 
E                           A 
You say I can’t convince you, 
         D                 C 
You say I can’t win you over, 
                     E                   A    D 
But there’s nothing else I can do… 
         E                     A 
 You say you don’t love me, 
        D                          C 
But that will soon be different, 
E                                A     D 
And your mind will surely be… 

G C Changed for good, D Rejection I’ll forbid, G C You can’t stop love, D7 D What are you afraid of… G C Changed for good, D Rejection I’ll forbid, G C You can’t stop love, D7 D What are you afraid of…
Transition: Em D C Verse: 2 E A D You say I am dumb and don’t know, how C To do anything productive, E A D But I think the audience disagrees bro, *Hold Chuck* *speaks* Caspian: Right? Caspian: walks up to the edge of the stage. Caspian: if audience agrees: I KNEW IT! Caspian: if audience disagrees: But… why you do dis to me? *three beats* *back to singing* Chorus G C Changed for good, D Yes you should, G C Do that now please, D7 D Or this song will get reprised… G C Changed for good… D I’m up to yes-good *muted during talking* G C D Susan: Did you just try to changed no-good to yes-good? Caspian: Yep!! G C Changed for good, D And so misunderstood G C Changed for good D7 D G C D G C D7 D *Improvise lyrics for 4 mesures* Susan: Caspian just listen for a sec, You’re lovely and changed a lot, But you’re still a complete wreck, So maybe in the future, Maybe we will find love, In a hopeless place, Like Rihanna said kind of, But for now… Caspian: I’ve done so much… Caspian/Susan: I’ve (you’ve) tried so hard, But a shot is so far away, That’s what you’ve (I’ve) shared, Caspian: But here I will stay… And wait for you… Because I love… Susan: Go love… Caspian: You…… Susan: Someone else…
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